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USB Plug Data Protection

Reference: NTXAM-242
Maximum order quantity: 5
  • Do you charge your smart device at airports while waiting for your flight? This USB Plug with protect your personal data when using public charging stations! USB plugs contain multiple pins that allow data and power to flow freely from the power source to your smart device. Hackers are now gaining access to the pins connected to the data through public charging stations and copying your sensitive information or installing malware. This is called "Juice Jacking". To protect your data, simply plug the USB Data Protection Plug into any public USB port then plug your charging cable into the USB Data Protection Plug to only charge your phone. It allows the power to freely flow and stops any cyber attacks to your device. The plug is compatible with all mobile devices and works on all USB ports. Keep one in your pocket or bag for the next outing. The white plug is decorated with the X icon in blue & green. Size: 1.69" x 0.83" x 0.39"